Thursday, March 15, 2018

Slave mentality

Ultimate source unknown
"Who would not recognize that Christ's eating and sleeping, his sadness and his shedding of tears of love are marks of the nature of a slave?" (trans. Liturgy of the hours)

"Who does not see that his taking of food, his rest in 'sleep,' his anxiety in 'sorrow,' and his 'tears' of compassion made his 'form' that 'of a servant'?" (trans. Freeland & Conway, FC 93 (1996), 289)

"Quis perceptionem cibi, requietionem somni, sollicitudinem maestitudinis, lacrimas pietas, non uideat formae fuisse servilis?"

     St. Leo the Great, Sermo 66.4 =Sermo 15.4 De passione Domini.  SC 200 =CCSL 138A, p. 404 =PL 54, col. 367B.  Cf. Grelot on Jesus in the face of death.

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