Friday, January 17, 2020

"rule in all our hearts alone"

"Dirigere et sanctificare, regere et gubernare dignare, Dominus Deus, Rex caeli et terrae, hodie corda et corpora nostra, sensus, sermones et actus nostros in lege tua, et in operibus mandatorum tuorum:  ut hic et in aeternum, te auxiliante, salvi et liberi esse mereamur, Salvator mundi.  Qui."

Deign to direct and sanctify, rule and govern today our hearts and bodies, thoughts, words, and acts in your law, and in the works of your commandments, O Lord God, King of heaven and earth:  that here and into eternity, you helping, we may merit to be saved and freed, O Savior of the world.  Who.

     Prayer at Prime, Brevarium Romanum, hastily translated by me.  I have not yet looked into the origins of this one, but if I'm reading p. 29 of Jonathan Black, "Psalm uses in Carolingian prayerbooks:  Alcuin’s Confessio peccatorum pura and the seven penitential Psalms (Use 1)," Mediaeval studies 65, no. 1 (January 2003) aright, then a Dirigere et santificare digneris (Dominus) of some sort is present in two 9th-century manuscripts.  Despite this page here, I'm not seeing in the Liturgia horarum at all.