Sunday, October 27, 2019

"We who are as good as you swear to you who are no better than us, to accept you as our king and sovereign lord, provided you observe all our laws and liberties; but if not, not."

Antonio Pérez, 1534-1611
"Nos, que valemos tanto como vos os hazemos nuestro Rey, y Señor, con tal que nos guardeys nuestros fueros, y libertades, y syno, No."

     The oath of the Aragonese in the famous (Antonio Pérez-ian) version of 1593, as reproduced on p. 25 of Ralph E. Giesey, If not, not:  the Oathe of the Aragonese and the legendary laws of Sobrarbe (Princeton, NJ:  Princeton University Press, 1968).  "For the Aragonese, says Pérez [in 1593], this was 'the ancient manner of swearing to their King.'"  Translation from Neal Ascherson, "The value of independence," The New York review of books 66, no. 7 (April 18, 2019:  34 (33-36).  For alternative versions of the oath printed in some cases earlier, see Giesey, pp. 18 ff.  From leaf (?) 92 of the 1596 printing of the Relaciones by Pérez: