Monday, January 2, 2012

Making a virtue of necessity?

"The Church falls back today out of love for the world and [as] at the same time forced by it—two aspects of a single event!—deeper and deeper [(immer st√§rker) in]to the position of defenseless independence."

     Ignaz Zangerle, "Zur situation der Kirche," Der Brenner 14 (1933/34):  45.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Zangerle on the freedom of the Church with respect to the forms that it has itself assumed

"Despite the wealth of cultural forms it has itself given rise to about itself [(eben trotz des Reichtums mitgeweihter Kulturformen)], the Church is bound to none of the ways in which it has appeared to this point in history."

     Ignaz Zangerle, "Zur situation der Kirche," Der Brenner 14 (1933/34): 44.  Yes, but none of them?  Context is a discussion of the "Enteurop√§isierung der Kirche" inaugurated by Maximum illud (30 November 1919), Quo efficacius (6 January 1920), Rerum ecclesiae (28 February 1926), and so forth.