Sunday, July 13, 2008

Marion retracting his position on Aquinas

“The act of being St. Thomas contemplates derives neither from metaphysics nor from ontology nor . . . from the [Heideggerian] ‘question of being’, but from the divine names and the ‘luminous darkness’.”

     Jean-Luc Marion, "Saint Thomas d'Aquin et l'onto-théologie," Revue thomiste 95 (1995): 66.  This is translated by Thomas A. Carlson as "The esse that Thomas meditates on may deal not with metaphysics, or ontology, or even the 'question of being' but, instead, with the divine names and on the 'luminous darkness'" ("Thomas Aquinas and Onto-theo-logy," in God without being, 2nd ed., trans. Thomas A. Carlson with a foreward by David Tracy and a new Preface by Jean-Luc Marion (Chicago:  The University of Chicago Press, 2012), 236 (199-236, 270-280)).

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