Monday, October 3, 2016

"totus in Verbo Pater"

Jessie Eastland
"Shortly after Sunrise,
High Desert, California," 2012.
With the dawn [its] course advances
     [(alt.:  The dawn of [its] course
with the dawn may the whole
     [Godhead] appear,
in the Father the whole Son
and in the Word the whole Father
     [(alt.:  and the whole-in-the-Word

Aurora cursus prouehit;
aurora totus prodeat
in Patre totus Filius,
et totus in Verbo Pater.

     St. Ambrose, "Splendor paternae gloriae," stanza 8.  Latin from Ambroise de Milan:  hymnes, ed. Jacques Fontaine, Patrimones, Christianisme (Paris:  Cerf, 2008 [1992]), 187.  Cf. PL 16, cols. 1411/1412.  Joseph Connelly, Hymns of the Roman liturgy (Westminster, MD:  The Newman Press, 1957), no. 12, p. 20:

Aurora lucem provehit,
Cum luce nobis prodeat
In Patre totus Filius,
Et totus in Verbo Pater.

The dawn advances the light.
With the light may there appear to us
In the Father the whole Son,
And the whole-in-the-Word Father.

     Check out, on this, Enchantment and creed in the hymns of Ambrose of Milan (Oxford University Press, 2016), by Brian P. Dunkle.

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