Monday, October 17, 2016

"So, brethren, let us long, because we are to be filled."

Ary Scheffer,
St. Augustine and his mother
St. Monica
The Louvre, Paris.
"The whole life of the good Christian is a holy longing [(sanctum desiderium)].  What you long for [(desideras)], as yet you do not see; but longing [(desiderando)] makes in you the room that shall be filled, when that which you are to see shall come.  When you would fill a purse, knowing how large a present it is to hold, you stretch wide its cloth or leather:  knowing how much you are to put in it, and seeing that the purse is small, you extend it to make more room.  So by withholding the vision God extends the longing, through longing he makes the soul extend, by extending it he makes room in it.  So, brethren, let us long, because we are to be filled. . . . Let us stretch ourselves out towards him, that when he comes he may fill us full."

     St. Augustine, In epistulam Johannis ad Parthos tractatus decem 4.6 (407), trans. Burnaby (LCC 8, 290), underscoring mine.  Also WSA III.13; FC 92; NPNF 7.  Latin:  SC 75, 230, 232.  Also NBA 24/2; ed. Reale (1994); PL 35, cols. 2008-2009.

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