Friday, September 30, 2016

Sanctified snark

"Farewell, my very dear friend, my son in years, my father in dignity, and please note this request:  that, whatever you write to me, you see that it comes to me first."

"uale, mi amice carissime, aetate fili, dignitate parens, et hoc a me rogatus obserua, ut, quicquid mihi scripseris, ad me primum facias peruenire."

     St. Jerome to St. Augustine, Saint Augustine:  Letters, trans. Sister Wilfrid Parsons, vol. 1 (1-81) =FC 12 (1951), no. 72 (403/404), p. 332 =CSEL 34 (1885), p. 262.
     St. Jerome wasn't just irritated by the theological criticism; he was pissed that he was the last to hear of it.  And though St. Augustine got the better of St. Jerome theologically in Letter 82 (404/405), he promised to "take greater care, as far as the Lord helps me, to see that the letters which I write to you reach you before they get into any other hands to be scattered abroad" (420).

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