Sunday, May 22, 2016

Reception (susceptio) and confession (confessio)

"May receiving this sacrament, O Lord our God,
bring us health of body and soul,
as we confess your eternal holy Trinity and undivided Unity.
Through. . . ."

Proficiat nobis ad salutem corporis et animae,
Domine Deus noster, huius sacramenti susceptio,
et sempiternae sanctae Trinitatis
eiusdem(que) individuae Unitatis confessio.
Per. . . .

May the reception of this sacrament, O Lord our God, as well as [(et)] the confession of the everlasting Holy Trinity and its undivided Unity, advance [(proficiat, a singular)] with/help us unto the salvation of body and soul.

     Post Communion, Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, Roman Missal.  =Bruylants no. 897 (9th century).  I am especially interested in the way in which the current official translation obscures the fact that "Proficiat" (a singular) has two feminine (not neuter) subjects, "suceptio" and "confessio".  "-que" seems to have been a 10th-century addition.  1973 "translation", according to Fr. Z:

"Lord, God,
we worship you, a Trinity of Persons, one eternal God.
May our faith and the sacrament we receive
bring us health of mind and body."

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