Monday, February 8, 2016

potius . . . etiam

O Lord our God,
who once established these created things
to sustain our frailty,
grant, we pray,
that they may become for us now
the Sacrament of eternal life.

Domine Deus noster, qui has potius creaturas
ad fragilitatis nostrae subsidium condidisti,
tribue, quaesumus,
ut etiam aeternitatis nobis fiant sacramentum.

     Prayer over the Offerings, Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Missale Romanum.  This one (O952so in the online missal, which should appear on p. 455 of the third typical editiondoes not occur in either Bruylants or the historical volumes of Corpus orationum, but only in Corpus orationum vols. 13 (first and second typical editions) and 14 (third typical edition), pp. 174 and 175 respectively, at no. 430, where Corpus orationum no. 2281 (no. 901 in the 6th/7th-century "Leonine" or Veronese sacramentary, among many other early such collections) is named as its source:
Domine deus noster, qui in his potius creaturis, quas ad fragilitatis nostrae praesidium condidisti, tuo quoque nomini munera iussisti dicanda constitui, tribue, quaesumus, ut et vitae nobis praesentis auxilium et aeternitatis efficiant sacramentum.

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