Sunday, September 6, 2015

Own your own crazy

"The name 'Barth' in the revisionist statements above does not refer to the actually existing textual Barth.  It refers, rather, to the rationalistically deduced Barth.  Only the deduced Barth teaches that there is no Trinity prior to election."

     George Hunsinger, Reading Barth with charity:  a hermeneutical proposal (Grand Rapids, MI:  Baker Academic, 2015), 79.  "It is my hope that the book might be of some value for students of Barth even after revisionism vanishes from the scene (as it will).  Revisionism is of little interest in its own right.  It claims attention mainly as an example of how not to read Karl Barth.  If only the revisionists would cease ascribing their views to Barth, they would have nothing to fear from his more careful readers" (115).

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