Friday, February 5, 2010

Pseudo-Melito on the Assumption

"Then the Saviour spake unto them, saying: . . . this woman did I choose out of the tribes of Israel by the commandment of my Father, to dwell in her.  What then will ye that I do with her?  Then said Peter and the other apostles: . . . it hath appeared right to us thy servants that, as thou having overcome death dost reign in glory, so thou shouldest raise up the body of thy mother and take her with thee rejoicing into heaven.
"Then said the Savior:  Be it done according to your will."

 Pseudo-Melito, Latin narrative of the Assumption XVI.2-XVII.1, trans. Montague Rhodes James (The apocryphal New Testament, corr. ed. (Oxford:  Clarendon Press, 1966 [1953]; cf., 215-216).  I'm not endorsing this (not endorsing this fifth-century document either), just intrigued by the idea of a development of fact and dogma left up to the apostles.  I was put onto this by Fr. Benoît-Dominique de La Soujeole, O.P., Initiation à la théologie mariale:  «tous les âges me diront bienheureuse», Bibliothèque de la Revue thomiste (Paris:  Parole et Silence, 2007), 175.

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