Monday, June 21, 2010

Batut on theology as prayer

"all discourse about [God] that places him in the third person is, properly speaking, contradictory: to speak of him as a 'that'--which I am doing at present--, is always in some way to speak of something that is not he. . . . what attention is required of man, not only not to take the divine name in vain (cf. Ex 20:7; Dt 5:11), but never to forget that it is a contradiction to speak of God without invoking God."

     Jean-Pierre Batut, "Praying to the Father through the Son in the Spirit: reflections on the specificity of Christian prayer," trans. Michelle K. Borras, Communio: the international Catholic review 36, no. 4 (Winter 2009): 625 (623-642).

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