Saturday, March 2, 2013

A birthday prayer (8th century)

O God, life of the faithful, savior and guardian of those who fear you, who have deigned to lead your servant N. to this day of his natural birth, one year further on [(exemto, taken away)], increase in him the grace of the protector of life [(gratiam in eo vitae protectoris augmenta)], and multiply his days by a great number [(numerositate)] of years, that, by acknowledging [(annuente)] you, he, having been carried forward [(provectus)] through a fruitful lifetime, may merit to attain to the beginning [(principatum, beginning, origin, first rank)] of celestial joys.

Deus, vita fidelium, timentium te salvator et custos, qui famulum tuum Illum ad hanc diem natalis sui genuini, exemto anno, perducere dignatus es, gratiam in eo vitae protectoris augmenta, et dies eius annorum numerositate multiplica, ut te annuente, per felicem provectus aetatem, ad principatum caelestium gaudiorum pervenire mereatur.

     Postcommunion prayer, Missa (Oration[es]) "in natale genuinum", Gelasian sacramentary (8th century), my translation.

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