Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gilson on the theological emancipation of philosophy

"in order the better to secure the services of its slave [philosophy], theology has just begun to set it free."

Étienne Gilson, Études de philosophie médiévale (Strasbourg: Commission de publications de la Faculté des Lettres, 1921), 114, as quoted by Jean-Pierre Torrell, “Philosophie et théologie d’après le Prologue de Thomas d’Aquin au Super Boetium de Trinitate: essai d’une lecture théologique,” Documenti e studi sulla tradizione filosofica medievale: rivista della Società internazionale per lo studio del medioevo latino 10 (1999): 325. This, the approach of St. Thomas, Torrell contrasts with that of St. Bonaventure, according to whom "one asks of [the sciences] only that they serve [theology], not [that they] contribute any truth of their own" (324-325). The context is a discussion of St. Thomas on the ancillae theologiae.

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