Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ask, seek, knock

     "If, as H. Gouhier once remarked, the philosophy of Malebranche is one long systematic meditation on the various attributes of God, [then] one is entitled to suppose that attention constitutes one of these, and that, as N. Depraz indicates, the love of God is [(comprend)] a form of attention, as much cognitive as affective, in this [respect], that he is at once attentive and indistractably so [(attentif et attentionné)] in his divine providence.  Thus, the sometimes hard work that attention demands of us [(que réclame l’attention aux humains)] corresponds to the gracious movement of the divine attention.  As the third of the Méditations chrétiennes et métaphysiques indicates explicitly, that attention is nothing other than [the attention] of love:  'if you ask without attention, this is [for] lack of love', just as an attention without perseverance is only a ‘love too weak’[, a love] that will obtain from God only an inaudible reply."

     Michel Dupuis, "L’attention et l’amour de l’Ordre dans la morale de Malebranche," L’attention au XVIIe siècle:  conceptions et usages =Les études philosophiques 2017, no. 1 (2017):  69-70 (59-71).  On attentionner, see, for example, the CNRTL.

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