Tuesday, September 22, 2015

(5th- and) 6th-century enhypostaticism (ἐνυπόστατ-icism) brought to bear on contemporary sexual ethics

"Journalist Brandon Ambrosino argued that the best argument for same-sex marriage is that Jesus was simply wrong about marriage, owing to the fact that he was ignorant of contemporary scientific notions of sexual orientation and the evolving standards of a morality of love. It takes quite a messiah complex to school the actual Messiah on moral and ethical truth, all while claiming to follow him. This argument is immediately off-limits for Evangelicals because they are, first of all, “mere Christians” who agree with Nicaea and Chalcedon about who Jesus is. The argument that “Jesus would agree with us if he’d lived to see our day” won’t work for people who know that Jesus is alive today—and that his views aren’t evolving (Heb. 13:8)."

     Russell D. Moore, "Evangelicals won't cave:  why Evangelicals will not be surrendering to the sexual revolution," First things no. 266 (October 2015):  .

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