Saturday, August 11, 2018

God is still incarnate

"when the self-renunciation is removed by exaltation, the state of incarnation remains."

"Illa intelligitur hic exinanitio, quae per exaltationem est sublata; sed incarnationis status permanet."

. . . the emptying . . . is, by the exaltation [(ascension)], lifted, but the state of incarnation endures.

     David Hollatz (Hollazius), 1646-1713, Examen theologicum acroamaticum (1707), 765, as quoted by Henrich Schmid, Doctrinal theology of the evangelical Lutheran church, 3rd ed., rev., trans. Charles A. Hay and Henry E. Jacobs (Minneapolis:  Augsburg, [1899]), 381.

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