Thursday, March 1, 2018

Restorer of innocence

O God, restorer and lover of innocence, direct to yourself the hearts of your servants, that, seized by the fervor of your Spirit, they may be found both steadfast in faith and effective in work.  Through.

"O God, who delight in innocence and restore it, direct the hearts of your servants to yourself, that, caught up in the fire of your Spirit, we may be found steadfast in faith and effective in works.  Through."

"Deus, innocentiae restitutor et amator, dirige ad te tuorum corda servorum, ut, spĂ­ritus tui fervore concepto, et in fide inveniantur stabiles et in opere efficaces. Per."

     Concluding prayer, Thursday of the Second Week of Lent, Liturgy of the hours.  =Gregorian sacramentary nos. 216 and 883°, i.e. Cambrai, Bibl. mun. 164, copied in 811-812 from an earlier Roman original.  =Corpus orationum no. 1261 =Bruylants no. 235.  Quite popular.  In the late 9th-century Ambrosian sacramentary, amator becomes auctor.  Here's what passed for a "translation" before 2010:
God of love, bring us back to you. Send your spirit to make us strong in faith and active in good works.  Grant this through.

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