Saturday, April 1, 2017

The sovereignty of love

Most sacred fire,
      that burnest mightily
   In liuing brests,
      ykindled first aboue,
   Emongst th'eternall spheres
      and lamping sky,
   And thence pourd into men,
      which men call Loue;
   Not that same, which doth
      base affections moue
   In brutish minds,
      and filthy lust inflame,
   But that sweet fit, that doth true beautie loue,
   And choseth vertue for his dearest Dame,
Whence spring all noble deeds and neuer dying fame:

Well did Antiquitie a God thee deeme,
   That ouer mortal minds hast so great might,
   To order them, as best to thee doth seeme,
   And all their actions to direct aright;
   The fatall purpose of diuine foresight,
   Thou doest effect in destined descents,
   Through deep impression of thy secret might, . . .

     Edmund Spenser, The faerie queene III.iii.1-2.

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