Wednesday, April 5, 2017

perfectae vitae tolerantia

By your help, we beseech you, Lord our God, may we walk eagerly in that same charity with which, out of love for the world, your Son handed himself over to death.

Quaesumus, Domine Deus noster, ut in illa caritate, qua Filius tuus diligens mundum morti se tradidit, inveniamur ipsi, te opitulante, alacriter ambulantes.

     Collect, Fifth Sunday of Lent, Missale Romanum (2002).  According to Corpus orationum, this is derived from CO 591, present as no. 324 in the critical edition of Toledo, Biblioteca Capit. 35.4 (J. Janini, Liber Misticus, in Liber Missarum de Toledo 2 (Toledo:  1983), pp. 7-147)), which dates to the 9th/10th century (and from other sacramentaries of the 10th-12th centuries):
Christe deus, qui inter iniquos suspendi passus es, crucis sustinendo iniuriam, dato nobis perfectae vitae tolerantiam, ut caritate illa, qua ipse, mundum diligens, pro eodem mortem subisti, inveniamur ipsi, te opitulante, perfecti sicque passionis tuae exemplo illata toleremus scandala, ut, sanguine crucis tuae omnia pacificante, capitis nostri mereamur effici membra.
Christ [our] God, who have permitted [yourself] to be hung up between enemies [while] sustaining the outrage [(iniuriam)] of the cross, give to us the endurance of a finished life, so that, by that charity in which [you] yourself [(ipse)], loving the world, submitted to [(pro)] the said death, we may thus, you aiding [us], [1] effect [(inveniamur, meet with)] that finished imitation [(exemplo, pattern)] of your passion, [and] [2] endure [the] injuries [(scandala)] inflicted, so that, the blood of your cross pacifying all things [(Col 1:20)], we may merit to be made members of our head.
Previous ICEL "translation":
Father, help us to be like Christ your Son, who loved the world and died for our salvation.  Inspire us by his love, guide us by his example, who lives. . . .
By the period covered by Blaise, unfortunately, tolerantia had come to be (contemptuously) of sodomy.

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