Saturday, January 14, 2017

"There is no time for thought, we think only of outcomes."

     Philip Terry, Du Bellay:  Like Cataln Anarchy, Crater 33 (London:  Crater Press, August 2015) as quoted by Jeremy Noel-Tod, in "Books of the year 2016," Times literary supplement no. 5930 (November 25, 2016), 13 (12-13).  "Philip Terry's Dante's Inferno (2014) was an inspired translation of Hell to the University of Essex.  Anyone working in higher education at the moment will find Du Bellay, his new pamphlet of campus verse from Oystercatcher Press, a bitter tonic. . . ."
     From the Crater Press website, above:  "Crater 33: August 2015. Philip Terry’s Du Bellay - Like Catalan Anarchy, with a lino-cut by Tim Atkins. Letterpressed broadside, three colours (run of 60). Out of print."

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