Saturday, October 22, 2016

Suffering at the hands of the Church

"Something rather more than the courage of optimists is necessary to suffer through [(par, by or at the hands of)] the Church at a time when appearances lead men to believe that the Church is not with those who suffer."

     Albert Béguin, introductory note to Georges Bernanos, "Brother Martin," trans. Erwin W. Geissman, Cross currents 2, no. 4 (Summer 1952):  2 (1-9).  All of this appeared originally in Esprit 19, no. 10 =no. 183 (Octobre 1951):  434 (433-445).
     As for the phrase "to suffer through the Church", Béguin got that through Bernanos from "a young Dominican slain at Verdun, Father Clérissac":  "'To suffer for the Church is nothing; it is necessary to suffer through her'" (4:  "Cela n’est rien de souffrir pour l’Eglise, il faut avoir souffert par Elle", It is nothing to suffer for the Church; it is neccessary to have suffered at her hands (437)).

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