Thursday, September 22, 2016

"How is it that You have come into my presence, and what will become of me in Yours?"

"Wie kommst du in meine Umgebung und was wird aus mir in der deinigen?"

     Karl Barth, CD IV/1, 290 =KD IV/1, 319.  According to Barth, this is the real question that "Lessing's [famous] question concerning the relationship between the contingent truths of history and the necessary truths of reason", or "the gaping and wide chasm which I cannot cross" (287), only culpably avoids (since the difficulty "has in fact been removed"):

     And now we have to ask whether our whole concern about our temporal distance from Jesus Christ, our indirect relationship to Him, is not a genuine problem only in the sense that it represents a genuine movement of flight from this encounter.  Are we not putting up a technical difficulty, knowing all the time that this difficulty is not so great that it cannot be removed, that it has in fact been removed?
(290-291).  Etc.

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