Monday, July 4, 2016

caelestis vitae actio

"May this oblation dedicated to your name,
purify us, O Lord,
and day by day bring our conduct
closer to the life of heaven.
Through. . . ."

"Oblatio (nos), Domine, tuo nomini dicata purificet,
et de die in diem ad caelestis vitae transferat actionem.
Per. . . ."

[This] oblation dedicated to your name, O Lord:  may it purify
and from day to day convey/transform (us)
          to/into the performance of heavenly life.
Through. . . .

     Prayer over the offerings, Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Roman missal.  Early 8th-century Gelasian sacramentary (Corpus orationum nos. 3604a-b (vol. 5, pp. 272-273; Bruylants no. 727 (vol. 2, p. 204)).
     Is "caelestis vitae . . . actio" supposed to allude to the heavenly eucharist (gratiarum actio)?  Contra the new translation, "actionem", rather than "caelestis vitae", has to be the object of "ad".

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