Sunday, May 1, 2016

"provided that we repent them sincerely"

"The mercy of God lies in the fact that he is always ready to forgive us when we repent our sin sincerely. Jesus himself told Peter when he asked him, 'when my brother sins against me, shall I forgive him seven times', and Jesus said, 'not seven times but seventy-seven times', that is, every time your brother sincerely asks you for forgiveness. Whenever we ask God to forgive our sins no matter how great and horrible they are, he will forgive us provided that we repent them sincerely, i.e. we are ready to avoid them in the future. But, unfortunately, the group of Cardinal Kasper and those clerics who support his theory, misinterpret and abuse the concept of mercy, introducing the possibility that God forgives even when we do not have the firm intention to repent and avoid the sin in the future. Ultimately, this means a complete destruction of the true concept of divine mercy. Such a theory says: you can continue to sin, God is merciful. This is a lie and in a way also a spiritual crime because you are pushing the sinners to continue to sin, and to be consequently lost and condemned for all eternity."

     Bishop Athanasius Schneider, as quoted by Dániel Fülep, Director of the Henry Newman Center of Higher Education, Hungary, Sümeg.  Interview with Bishop Schneider conducted on 6 March 2016.

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