Saturday, January 2, 2016

ἡμῖν τὸ μέγα πρᾶγμα καὶ ὄναμα

     "Different men have different names, which they owe to their parents, or to themselves, that is, to their own achievements.  But our great pursuit, the great name we wanted, was to be Christians, to be called Christians [(ἡμῖν δὲ τὸ μέγα πρᾶγμα καὶ ὄναμα χριστιανοὺς καὶ εἶναι καὶ ὀνομάζεσθαι)]."

     Gregory of Nazianzus, Oratio 43, in laudem Basilii Magni 21, as translated in Liturgy of the hours 1, p. 1287.  SC 384 (1992), 168; PG 36, col. 524.  FC 22, trans. Leo P. McCauley, S.J. (1968 [1953]), p. 45:
Different men have different names, derived from their ancestors or their own pursuits and deeds.  Our great concern, our great name, was to be Christians and be called Christians.

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