Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bouyer on "the new evangelization" (avant la lettre)

"There is no 'salvation without the Gospel,' no 'anonymous Christianity,' no 'implicit Church.'  These are so many chimeras that worn-out Christians have invented to dispense themselves from working at a task that they are obliged to perform even though they think they have lost the means to do so.
     "For the world to be saved, in the evangelical sense of the word, we have first to believe that it needs to be.  We must then believe not that we have the means but that God has them, since through no merit of our own he revealed them to us, and that he has entrusted them to us."

     Louis Bouyer, The decomposition of Catholicism, trans. Charles Underhill Quinn (Chicago:  Franciscan Herald Press, 1969 [1968]), 99-100.

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