Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"the confusion of apostolate with apostacy"

     Louis Bouyer, crediting Bernanos.  The memoirs of Louis Bouyer, trans. John Pepino (Kettering, OH:  Angelico Press, 2015 [2014]), chap. 9, p. 161.  Presumably "apostolat" and "apostasie".  But I haven't found this in Bernanos yet.  Cf. Louis Bouyer, Religieux et clercs contre Dieu (Paris:  Aubier Montaigne, 1975), 122, referring to the "religious superiors and prelates" of Vatican II (in which, of course, Bouyer himself participated):  "the first fruits of their Council have been mass laicization [(défroquages en masse)] and a generalized confusion of the apostolate with apostacy [(une confusion généralisée de l’apostolat avec l’apostasie)]."

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