Sunday, June 21, 2015

"'he is unworthy of the name of father who, having begotten a child into this world, takes no care to beget him also for heaven.'"


“y que no meresce nombre de padre el que habiendo engendrado su hijo para este mundo, no lo engendra para el cielo.”

     Luis de Granada, O.P., Guia de pecadores (1556-57), lib. 2, cap. 18 (Obras, ed. Justo Cuervo, O.P., tom. 1 (Madrid:  1906), p. 458).  The sinner's guide, trans. F. Lewis (Philadelphia:  Henry McGrath, 1844), 370:  "nor does he deserve the bare name of father, who, after having begotten his son for this world, does not also beget him for the next."
     I was put onto this by Jean-Pierre Batut, "Calling fathers 'father':  usurping the name of God?" Communio:  international Catholic review 36, no. 2 (Summer 2009):  306.

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