Thursday, September 25, 2014

"As though a Christian could be without the Lord's [day assembly-cum-Eucharist]"!

"As though a Christian could be without the dominicum or the dominicum be celebrated without the Christian.  Do you not know, Satan, the Christian is constituted in the dominicum and the dominicum in the Christian, so that the one without the other does not stand[?]"

"Quasi christianus sine dominico esse possit, aut dominicum sine christiano celebrari.  An nescis, Satanas, in dominico christianum et in christiano dominicum constitutum, ut nec alterum sine altero valeat esse?"

     Narrator in response to the question put to Felix by the proconsul, "'I do not ask whether you are a Christian, but did you participate in assemblies (Non quæro utrum christianus sis, sed an cellectam feceris)], or have you any writings?'"  "Sometime after February 23, 303".  Acta martyrum Saturnini, Dativi et aliorum plurimorum martyrum in Africa 12, ed. Thierry Ruinart, PL 8, cols. 711-712, as translated in Edward J. Kilmartin, S.J., "The basis of the Sunday Mass obligation," Bread from heaven, ed. Paul Bernier, S.S.S. (New York:  Paulist Press, 1977), 157-158 (151-161).  "In the commentary on the proconsul's statement to Felix, assembly [(collecta)] is equated with dominicum" (161n21).

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