Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"learned criticism . . . always finds the most to do where the least is to be got for the labour."

"der Gelehrsamkeit . . . da immer am Breitesten sich ausdehnt, wo am Wenigsten zu holen ist."

     Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, [Lectures on] The philosophy of history III.Preface ("The Roman world"), trans. J. Sibree; GBWW,1st ed. (1952), vol. 46, p. 286; Berlin Werke, ed. Ph. Marheineke et al., vol. 9, ed. Eduard Gans (Berlin:  Dunker und Humblot, 1837), p. 291.  Hegel is referring to the jurists and philologists, as distinguished from the historians (who "hold to the grand features [(halten sich an an die großen Züge)]"), here.

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