Sunday, August 18, 2013

commercia gloriosa

Our Sunday Visitor
Receive our oblation, Lord,
by which is brought about
     a glorious exchange,
that, by offering
     what you have given,
we may merit to receive
     your very self.
Through Christ our Lord.

Suscipe, Domine,
     munera nostra,
quibus exercentur commercia gloriosa,
ut, offerentes quæ dedisti,
teipsum mereamur accipere.
Per Christum Dominum nostrum.

Receive, O Lord, our gifts,
by which are effected
     glorious exchanges [(commutations, transactions)],
that, offering what [gifts] you have given,
we may merit to receive your very self.
Through Christ our Lord.

     Prayer over the offerings, Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time.  According to Corpus orationum 14 (CCSL 160M), p. 177 (168/3, 475), this derives from Corpus orationum no. 2559, which was no. 89 in the early 7th-century "Leonine" or Veronese sacramentary (some of the contents of which have been traced back to 6th- or even 5th-century Rome).  Indeed, if I understand Mohlberg p. LXXVI at no. 46 correctly, nos. 1-168 have been dated to the late 5th- or early 6th-century.
Corpus orationum:  Excercemus, domine, gloriosa commercia:  offerimus, quae dedisti, ut te ipsum mereamur accipere.
ed. Mohlberg (1956) no. 89 on p. 12:  Excercemus, dominegloriosa conmercia:  offerimus, quae dedistiut te ipsum mereamur accipere. 

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