Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wolfson on Albinus and Plotinus on the via negativa

"the negation of any predicate of God does not mean that its opposite can be predicated of Him; rather it means the exclusion of God from the universe of the discourse of the predicate in question."

Harry A. Wolfson, "Negative attributes in the Church Fathers and the gnostic Basilides," Harvard theological review 50, no. 2 (1957):  146 (145-156), as quoted by Harm J. M. J. Goris, in his Free creatures of an eternal God:  Thomas Aquinas on God's infallible foreknowledge and irresistible will, Publications of the Thomas Instituut te Utrecht, new series, 4 (Nijmegen:  Stichting Thomasfonds; Leuven:  Peeters, [1996]), 12-13n13.

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