Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mascall on "the exhibitionism of dogmatic nudists"

"acquaintance with the theological world in recent years leads one to suspect that the supply of heresies is beginning to run dry.  The old favorites tend to reappear, though wearing new costumes and bearing new names; or else some worn-out relic is galvanised into a temporary paroxysm.  So, together with the resuscitation 'for positively the last time' (though it never is in fact the last time) of zombies which one hoped had been permanently laid to rest by Athanasius or Augustine, we have the exhibitionism of dogmatic nudists, who try to outstrip one another in their professions of unbelief."

E. L. Mascall, in his Foreword to Thomas G. Weinandy's Does God change?  The Word's becoming in the Incarnation (Still River, MA:  St. Bede's Publications, 1985), ix.

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