Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prouvost on the retrojections of Heidegger

"The confession [of Heidegger] is patent:  we cannot find directly the bond between ontology and theology in the works of Aristotle.  This bond is produced by the interpreter (Heidegger), from an indirect point of view:  it is deduced from the terminal stage of metaphysics in the philosophy of Hegel, and [then] projected back onto [(reporté sur)] the original stage of metaphysics in Aristotle, which Hegel is felt to have brought to full flower [(accomplir)]."

     Géry Prouvost, “Quand commence l’ontothéologie? Aristote, Thomas d’Aquin et Duns Scot,” Revue thomiste 95 (1995):  89 (85-108).

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