Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bishop Francisco Banegas y Galván on Mt 26:52-53

"'Were I only to lift my finger I could have twenty-five thousand of [the Indians] sweep into this city and, even with their bare hands, kill every persecutor in it.  And I am but one of the bishops who not only could do that but who knows that he could do it.  Our enemies are living by the unfailing toleration of Christ.  They know as well as we that the finger will not be lifted, no matter how they make us suffer.'"

[Francisco Banegas y Galván], Bishop of Querétaro (, in the 1920s, as quoted by Robert Royal in his The Catholic martyrs of the twentieth century: a comprehensive world history (New York, NY:  The Crossroad Publishing Company, 2000), 17, as quoted by Francis Clement Kelley in his Blood-drenched altars:  Mexican study and comment, with documentation and notes by Eber Cole Byam (Milwaulkee, WI:  Bruce, 1935), 342-343.  Kelley was the Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

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