Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nicola Carati on tough love

"I should have stopped them [both at that same door]. I loved them both, but I wasn't capable of imprisoning them with this love. It was my idea of freedom. I thought everyone had a right to live as they pleased. But what freedom is death?"

Nicola Carati to his sister Giovanna, in the outstanding six-hour 2003 Italian miniseries The best of youth (La meglio giovent├╣). Nicola says this to Giovanna just after [SPOILER ALERT!] their brother Matteo has committed suicide, and just before he (Nicola) reverses himself and decides to betray his partner Giulia Monfalco, a member of the Red Brigade and the mother of his daughter Sara, to Giovanna (a judge as it happens), thus "imprisoning [her] with [his] love" (a decision that turns out to have been the right one). The English is taken straight from the subtitles.

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